One Mistake Gives You Extra Time To Prepare…(and also makes mum angry :P)

Hey there Bloggers!

Haven’t been very regular, have I? Well, project deadlines (especially history) and SAT preparations take up a lot of your time…TRUST ME ON THAT! But now that my history presentation is over and SAT postponed, I’m a little relieved.

So I learnt a little something today out of a really stupid and careless mistake I made. I did not read. By that I mean “I did not CLEARLY AND THOROUGHLY go through my SAT requirements before the test.But to defend my part, I did go to the College Board official website. Apparently a ‘VALID ID’ is different for different countries. *NEWS FLASH!!!* Candidates taking up the SAT in India, Ghana, Nepal, Nigeria and Pakistan must produce their original passport as the ONLY form of identification without which they will not be allowed to take up the test. And I did not have a passport 😦 (The ironic part is that every mail I received from College Board was titled ‘Your Passport to Studying in the U.S. I feel foolish now 😦 )

On the other hand though we were able to (rather mum was able to) change the test date. So now I have time to prepare until November 7…which is good 🙂


The Retreat

“You’re going to regret this.” she said. Smirking, he began to leave.

“You need me!” she shouted. He paid no attention and walked away.

He came back sooner than she thought…the world couldn’t bear them apart.

That pretty much explains my 6 year old brother’s daily tantrum for brushing his teeth.

There’s Nothing Better Than Starting Out When You’ve Decided To Do So :)

Here I am, a 17 year old, still new to this world and it’s ways. I still have a lot to learn, a lot to see and and much more to experience…good and bad. Starting this blog is a way for me to know what I wanna do, what I feel and like, meet new people, share my experiences, learn from theirs and maybe in the process, know myself better. So here’s to starting new! 🙂