A new month! December.

Everything is moving so fast that I have had to pause for a moment, look around, catch a breath and absorb the changes. For one, my schooling is coming to an end. We attended our last class room session on the 3rd of this month. It’s hard to get used to not going to school regularly. And even though I know I have to be mature, understand that life moves on, pass out of 12th, look ahead and bla bla bla, it feels like an essential part of my life is getting over. And let’s be real here, no one likes leaving what they like!

Two. Exams. Well, the usual cribbing about examination begins. We have 2 sets of pre boards, starting from tomorrow and then practicals. Finally, sometime in March, my Board Exams shall begin. And the fact that these exams REALLY DO MATTER, is beginning to get my goat. Oh! The weirdest part. I want to study and do well but I don’t feel like studying anymore. Such contradictions.

Three. Here’s a little introductory note for this point. I have changed several schools. Eight to be precise. And somehow, December turned out to be the month in which all my friends and I start re-conversing. I literally have to keep the phone down 5 minutes into a call saying “I’ve to study. I’ll talk to you soon.” I don’t like saying that. I absolutely do not. Again. Contradictions.

I like this month. It’s one of a kind. But it’s also one in which both types of things are happening. Those that I like and those that I don’t. Now that I think about it, all months are like that. They have their own ups and downs. But this one’s special. A lot closer to my heart 🙂






November 21, 2015

Hello Everybody!

It is such an exciting day! So So exciting! I slept late last night, trying to finish my projects (do they ever end?!) But I couldn’t sleep for long. Because today, after a long while I shall be going to a birthday party (how childish does that sound 😛 ).  It’s Ramzy’s birthday 😀 in 4 days. But we’re celebrating today (way to go excitement). She’s turning 18!!! 😀 😀

So, this is how my day has been so far. I woke up early, got dressed, kept listening to ‘Birthday’ by Selena Gomez (because that’s how excited I am!)and dancing around like a goon, took a hell lot of a time to decide what I would wear and put it in a bag. Then I rushed to have my food and came to Sanj’s house…technically, my second home 😛 and as I wait for her to get ready, I’m here blogging 🙂 We’re trying to think of things that Ramz likes and all we can think of is animals! 

Baby, I’m preying on you tonight
Hunt you down eat you alive
Just like animals, animals, like animals-mals

Just felt like singing that. Oh god! This is one of the toughest things to do. Birthdays are very exciting but they can be stressful too. It’s so hard to decide on a present. Anyways, once we have chosen a gift, we shall be heading towards the cafe where a nice little meet-up party sorta thingy has been organised and we shall be surprising her over there 😀

We are gonna get ready in a while!!! It’s always so much fun to get ready with your girls  😀

50 Things That Make Me Happy

It’s been raining since 3 days and I absolutely love the smell of ‘geeli mitti’ ( literally, wet mud) Suddenly the thought of things that make me feel good and happy struck me. A few things, I thought of while walking in the rain…and a few, while typing here. So, in no order of preference, here are 50 things that bring a smile to my face 😀

  1. Painting
  2. Watching the Sunrise and Sunset
  3. Listening to Music
  4. Scented/Aromatic Candles
  5. The Full Moon
  6. Fairy Lights, Lamps and Lanterns
  7. Dancing ( And it’s All the More Fun When The Room Is Empty, Big, has Long Wall Mirrors and Wooden Flooring 😀 )
  8. Yoga
  9. Sunshine on my Skin ( Especially on a Cold Winter Morning)
  10. Shopping for Clothes, Shoes and Trinkets
  11. Long Walks on the Beach
  12. Clear Nail Varnish
  13. Exotic, Well presented Food (Unless it Tastes bad 😛 )
  14. Clean Bedsheets
  15. Being in Control of the Remote B)
  16. Smelling Good (and that means Red Door!)
  17. Sleeping (These days!)
  18. Making Fart Sounds (From the Mouth!…Just Clarifying 😛 )
  19. Chocolates
  20. Orchids and Lilies (All Flowers actually )
  21. Barbeques
  23. The VERY IDEA of Destination Weddings!
  24. The Idea of Love
  25. Watching Zoella ^_^
  26. Dressing Up
  27. Travelling
  28. Photography
  29. Eyeliner and Kajal
  30. Clear Lip Balm
  31. A Good Watch
  32. Helping Others, Making Someone Smile
  33. A Good Hair Day…who doesn’t ?!
  34. Long Hot Water Baths
  35. Watching Rom-Coms
  36. Bonfires and Camping
  37. Kayaking
  38. Chivalrous Men
  39. Long Drives
  40. Starry Nights
  41. Reading Terribly Tiny Tales
  42. Rain And the Sound Of Rain
  43. Curd Rice 😛
  44. Deepika Padukone, Channing Tatum and Chris Pine (Not just things…People too ^_^ )
  45. Wind in my Hair
  47. Spending Time With My Girls 😀
  48. Listening to Mom Sing ‘Gaiye Ganapati’
  49. Balloons
  50. TERRACES ,Balconies, Verandas

I could go on and on and on…..I really didn’t realise that there are so many things that make me happy! 😀 Tell me what makes you happy and may be the next time you feel a little low, you can come back to this and ‘just happen’ to smile 🙂

‘It’s Not Just Those Who Destroy, But Also Those Who Watch Them Without Doing Anything.’

Here are some things I’ve began noticing very frequently around me. Some of them were truly shocking. And all of them, disappointing.

Peoples outlook and attitude towards occurrences around them is apathetic. There is a lack of initiative and enthusiasm in people unless it is for themselves. These days, sab kuch chalta hai .Why? Because as long as I am not personally involved in an issue, I care 2 hoots about it. That is the reason why I will only be angry and react when someone teases MY sister or someone in the government office does not forward MY file. I will not help a person in an accident because they’re not MY relatives and I don’t want a court case against ME. I don’t care about the garbage disposal in my area unless someone throws it in front of MY door and I for sure will do nothing if I see someone putting acid into the root of a tree just because it’s canopy is huge and covers the newly decorated board of their shop. And again, I will not do anything because it’s not MY PROBLEM!

(Yes! It’s true. A shopkeeper wanted to cut a tree that was right in front of his shop because he had renovated it and the tree which had been there for ages providing shelter and shade to many people made it difficult for his shop’s board to be visible to the customers. He did not have a legitimate reason to cut it and thus was refused to do so by the municipal corporation. What he then started doing was putting acid to the root of the tree. And it slowly withered and died.)

The people around him must’ve known. His family must’ve known. The most important..his conscience must have known. But no one stopped him. This deprivation of initiative and enthusiasm in the people of our country, I am scared, will pass on.

And then, of course we have the famous ‘BLAME GAME.’ We blame the government, we blame others who do things that are not right. We talk. We talk and complain and talk and complain….but refuse to do anything about it. Many a time we refuse to follow what we ourselves tell others. It’s like we behave well for others. To not be judged as a “rule breaker” by others. To be labelled as desirable. For example: Parents tell their kids to wear hemets, but they themselves won’t. Neither will they wear seat belts. It’s the very simple and basic things.

How difficult is it? To show care and love to a fellow human being. To think about the environment and nature. Atleast not harm it if not do anything to better it. To value your own life. Think about it. It’s not that hard 🙂

There’s Always a Way Out

It’s a topsy-turvy month. Such a topsy-turvy month! I’m missing everything! But it is also a very lucky month. Because whatever I have missed, Life’s given me a chance to get ‘back on track’ again….literally! ( How? You shall soon know )

So I recently did tell you about the blunder I made regarding my SAT. Oh and I also got to know that I wasn’t the only one who made that error (chuckles B-P) . 2 more people did! And yesterday, I missed my train. That’s something I never thought would happen. I was supposed to go to my mother’s place. But the brilliant, empty, traffic free roads we have here..just wouldn’t allow that. How many times has it happened that you plan and carefully calculate the time required to reach the station (mind you! this is inclusive of the time spent in waiting for that red light to turn green) and it exceeds that! There we are, the 5 of us (my cousins and I) squeezed into a cab, carrying the luggage of 10 people, praying frantically that we don’t miss our train, but we did. I was upset. My cousins were annoyed and we had to return home.

Just as we opened the door to the house,my phone blipped. I received a message that was forwarded from Mom. It had a new booking date. It’s been long since I met Mom and I really really wanted to meet her. The immense joy that that message gave me was unexplainable, unbloggable, untellable, unutterable, undefinable and any other ‘un…able’ 😀  😛

So here’s the lesson I learnt guys. When there’s something you truly want, the universe conspires to help you achieve it.(Paulo Coelho) But this incident is just ONE of the many incidents that make me believe in new opportunities, second chances, rectifying mistakes and always believing in yourself, your faith and your family. I was reading about the top 10 daily hassles one has to face. Here’s what I came across:

1.Not enough time.

2.Too many things to do.

3.Troubling thoughts about the future.

4.Too many interruptions.

5.Misplacing or losing things.

I’d definitely add traffic and commuting to the list! But whatever it is that is bothering you, never forget that there’s always a way out. However upsetting and annoying a situation or a period of time in your life is, it is going to get over. There are always going to be happy times and beautiful memories yet to be made that await you. Don’t let those stupid negative thoughts cloud your beautiful life 🙂


Not long ago when we first met

began a story i would never forget

You heard me, my heart and soul

and without you I never knew

I’d feel so incomplete and so far away from myself

Your hands on my skin

So cold yet warm

That Moment, A raging storm

Your eyes on mine, Hooked

Yours, I was, the moment you looked

My heart against yours, so close

‘The Perfect Kiss’ , on my toes

tightly held, you’d never let me fall

Your smile made imperfections perfect

The look in your eyes gifted the world to me

And every time you left, You took it away

Until, the next time I saw you

For it was only then the world was mine

and I was Yours.

Backbreaking Fun

Here’s the history project I was talking about. How could I talk about it and not show it to you! So this is just a glimpse of it. Hope you guys like it! 😀

Indus National Museum
Indus National Museum
Bull Racing
Bull Racing
Priest King
Priest King
Recreation Of Artefacts
Recreation Of Artefacts
The Harappan burial depicting belief in life after death.
The Harappan burial depicting belief in life after death.