‘It’s Not Just Those Who Destroy, But Also Those Who Watch Them Without Doing Anything.’

Here are some things I’ve began noticing very frequently around me. Some of them were truly shocking. And all of them, disappointing.

Peoples outlook and attitude towards occurrences around them is apathetic. There is a lack of initiative and enthusiasm in people unless it is for themselves. These days, sab kuch chalta hai .Why? Because as long as I am not personally involved in an issue, I care 2 hoots about it. That is the reason why I will only be angry and react when someone teases MY sister or someone in the government office does not forward MY file. I will not help a person in an accident because they’re not MY relatives and I don’t want a court case against ME. I don’t care about the garbage disposal in my area unless someone throws it in front of MY door and I for sure will do nothing if I see someone putting acid into the root of a tree just because it’s canopy is huge and covers the newly decorated board of their shop. And again, I will not do anything because it’s not MY PROBLEM!

(Yes! It’s true. A shopkeeper wanted to cut a tree that was right in front of his shop because he had renovated it and the tree which had been there for ages providing shelter and shade to many people made it difficult for his shop’s board to be visible to the customers. He did not have a legitimate reason to cut it and thus was refused to do so by the municipal corporation. What he then started doing was putting acid to the root of the tree. And it slowly withered and died.)

The people around him must’ve known. His family must’ve known. The most important..his conscience must have known. But no one stopped him. This deprivation of initiative and enthusiasm in the people of our country, I am scared, will pass on.

And then, of course we have the famous ‘BLAME GAME.’ We blame the government, we blame others who do things that are not right. We talk. We talk and complain and talk and complain….but refuse to do anything about it. Many a time we refuse to follow what we ourselves tell others. It’s like we behave well for others. To not be judged as a “rule breaker” by others. To be labelled as desirable. For example: Parents tell their kids to wear hemets, but they themselves won’t. Neither will they wear seat belts. It’s the very simple and basic things.

How difficult is it? To show care and love to a fellow human being. To think about the environment and nature. Atleast not harm it if not do anything to better it. To value your own life. Think about it. It’s not that hard 🙂


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