There’s Always a Way Out

It’s a topsy-turvy month. Such a topsy-turvy month! I’m missing everything! But it is also a very lucky month. Because whatever I have missed, Life’s given me a chance to get ‘back on track’ again….literally! ( How? You shall soon know )

So I recently did tell you about the blunder I made regarding my SAT. Oh and I also got to know that I wasn’t the only one who made that error (chuckles B-P) . 2 more people did! And yesterday, I missed my train. That’s something I never thought would happen. I was supposed to go to my mother’s place. But the brilliant, empty, traffic free roads we have here..just wouldn’t allow that. How many times has it happened that you plan and carefully calculate the time required to reach the station (mind you! this is inclusive of the time spent in waiting for that red light to turn green) and it exceeds that! There we are, the 5 of us (my cousins and I) squeezed into a cab, carrying the luggage of 10 people, praying frantically that we don’t miss our train, but we did. I was upset. My cousins were annoyed and we had to return home.

Just as we opened the door to the house,my phone blipped. I received a message that was forwarded from Mom. It had a new booking date. It’s been long since I met Mom and I really really wanted to meet her. The immense joy that that message gave me was unexplainable, unbloggable, untellable, unutterable, undefinable and any other ‘un…able’ 😀  😛

So here’s the lesson I learnt guys. When there’s something you truly want, the universe conspires to help you achieve it.(Paulo Coelho) But this incident is just ONE of the many incidents that make me believe in new opportunities, second chances, rectifying mistakes and always believing in yourself, your faith and your family. I was reading about the top 10 daily hassles one has to face. Here’s what I came across:

1.Not enough time.

2.Too many things to do.

3.Troubling thoughts about the future.

4.Too many interruptions.

5.Misplacing or losing things.

I’d definitely add traffic and commuting to the list! But whatever it is that is bothering you, never forget that there’s always a way out. However upsetting and annoying a situation or a period of time in your life is, it is going to get over. There are always going to be happy times and beautiful memories yet to be made that await you. Don’t let those stupid negative thoughts cloud your beautiful life 🙂


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